We're glad that you're interested in contributing to our project! Here you will find all the necessary information to start collaborating. You can contribute in various ways, whether it's updating the documentation, improving the code, reviewing pending issues in the issues, or even making financial contributions, which will be used for various purposes related to the development and maintenance of the project. You can see more details on how to make financial contributions here.

The main language we use in this project is TypeScript, which allows us to maintain readable and scalable code.

Frequent Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that may arise when contributing to the project:

  • What is Lerna? You can find an explanation in this video.
  • How do I make commits effectively? Here's a video that shows you how to do it.
  • What are our communication channels? You can join our community on Discord.


Before starting to contribute to the project, make sure you have the following tools installed:

  • Node.js: Version 18 or higher. You can download Node from here.
  • pnpm: Package manager. You can install it by following the instructions here.
  • VSCode: Code editor that we recommend, as it has useful plugins.
  • Conventional Commits: VSCode plugin that helps you create semantic commits, following best practices. You can install it from here.

Get Starter

Make a fork

Before starting work on the project, fork it to your own GitHub account. This will allow you to work on your own copy of the repository. Click on the following link to fork: here.

Clone the Repository (from your fork)

Once you have forked the project, clone your own copy of the repository using the following command in your terminal:

git clone

Dependencies install

Go to the project folder and run the following commands to install the necessary dependencies:

cd bot-plugins
pnpm install
pnpm run build

Create a new integration

To create a new integration, run the following command in your terminal:

pnpm run create.package <package_name>

compile (build)

To compile the application, run the following command in your terminal. This will generate a dist directory within the monorepo packages.

npx lerna run build --scope=<package_name>

tests environments

Once you have run the build and everything is correct, run the following command in your terminal:

pnpm run copy.lib

This command will copy the necessary files into the base_app folder. Make sure you have previously run npm install within the base_app folder. Then, from the root of your directory, run:

pnpm run copy.lib

To start the assistant, run:

npm run dev

It should work smoothly.

Test End-to-End (E2E)

All changes made must pass the end-to-end tests. These tests are run with the following command:

pnpm run test

Make sure you have a test folder and files with the .test.ts extension for your tests.