Twilio Provider

Twilio is a development platform that enables developers to build cloud communication applications and web systems. Twilio's communication APIs empower businesses to provide the appropriate communication experience for their customers within web and mobile applications. By leveraging Twilio's APIs, developers can swiftly integrate functionalities such as voice messages, video calls, text messages, and more into an application.

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Send Buttons

One of the most requested functions by users is the fact of sending buttons to generate more interactivity and more dynamic chatbots.


const welcomeFlow = addKeyword<Provider, Database>(['template','plantilla'])
    .addAction(async (ctx) => {
       await provider.send(ctx.from,
        'Agregar dos botones que permiten al cliente dar una respuesta mas rapida',

Content Quick

Remember for correct functionality you must have the message comply with the message template constructed.

Buttons Examples

Content Template Builder

The Content Template Builder is a Twilio product designed to create template messages and content-rich messages. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface built on a publicly accessible API. With the Content Template Builder, both engineers and non-technical users can create, approve and manage templates from the Twilio Console. With this system, it is possible to create templates faster, with fewer errors, while empowering the entire team to contribute. Both developers and non-technical users can build and submit templates for approval from the Twilio Console without writing a single line of code.

Content Templates


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