Reminder (cron)


I need to send individual reminders every so often to users, reminding them to perform a task or complete a purchase.

Possible Solution

For this we will need to install some dependencies that will facilitate the work of the scheduled tasks, we will use node-cron below you will find the instructions on how to install install

pnpm i node-cron
pnpm i @types/node-cron -D

We have seen how we declare a logic that runs every 12 hours 0 */12 * * * cron guru where it makes a request to an api that can also be a query to the database to retrieve which are those user numbers to which we want to send a message.


import { createBot, createProvider, createFlow, addKeyword, utils } from '@builderbot/bot'
import { schedule } from 'node-cron'
import { MemoryDB as Database } from '@builderbot/bot'
import { BaileysProvider as Provider } from '@builderbot/provider-baileys'

const PORT = process.env.PORT ?? 3008

const welcomeFlow = addKeyword<Provider, Database>(['hi', 'hello', 'hola'])
    .addAnswer(`🙌 Hello welcome to this *Chatbot*`)
const main = async () => {
    const adapterFlow = createFlow([welcomeFlow])

    const adapterProvider = createProvider(Provider)
    const adapterDB = new Database()

    const { httpServer } = await createBot({
        flow: adapterFlow,
        provider: adapterProvider,
        database: adapterDB,


     * It is recommended to have an array of messages with which you will 
     * greet or make that first contact with the user to
     * avoid robotic behavior and possible bans

    schedule('0 */12 * * *', async () => {
        console.log('running a task twelve hours');
        const usersApi = await fetch('http://your.api/users')
        const users = await usersApi.json()
        const listMessages = [`Your message!`, 'Ey how are you?', 'How do you doing?']

        for (const user of users) {
            const randomMessage = listMessages[Math.floor(Math.random() * listMessages.length)]
            await adapterProvider.sendMessage(user.number, randomMessage, {})
            await utils.delay(5000)